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Your time is worth something. And your worth is valuable to us at StarGems. Beyond the ordinary introduction to brands, we provide campaign period management as well as marketing solutions that build long lasting impressions. It’s a win-win for all parties involved and that is the commitment of StarGems.

Binary - Recruitment System

StarGems’ Binary System helps our KOLs to earn extra income. We highly encourage our KOLs to gather and invite others to join the community in order to achieve more as a team!

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Left Team

Root graph of Binary

Recruitment System

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Recruitment System Binary Graph Two

Right Team

Reward System

Our StarGems reward system is to reward our KOLs’ performance and motivate our KOLs to achieve higher levels of achievement.

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Min achieve of RM 4,800 per quarter (3 months)

Quarterly Incentive

Sapphire Icon & bg


Min achieve of RM 7,000 per quarter (3 months)

Quarterly Incentive

Emerald Icon & bg


Min achieve of RM 10,500 per quarter (3 months)

Quarterly Incentive

Diamond Icon & bg


Min achieve of RM 13,500 per quarter (3 months)

Quarterly Incentive

There are different tiers starting with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald & Diamond. Rewards are based on the total job value which will decide the amount of percentage for your quarterly incentive.

OUR Key opinion leaders

Joanne Tan

F & B / Beauty / Lifestyle 

Rebecca Wong

Beauty / Lifestyle / Sport 

lilian HOY

F & B / Lifestyle / Tech


F& B / Lifestyle / Sport 

Zoe Aw

Beauty / Lifestyle / Sport 

Wincy Chua

Beauty / Fashion / Tech 

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